Hope for Children and Families

Welcome!  We at Jasper Mountain are pleased to bring you a collection of articles written by Dr. Dave Ziegler that will offer insight and hope to the families of difficult children.  Dr. Ziegler is the Executive Director of Jasper Mountain, a renowned treatment program for some of society’s most damaged children. Jasper Mountain’s services have grown over the last three decades to form an extensive continuum of programs that address most of the needs of emotionally disturbed children and their families.  With a primary mission to bring hope and healing to traumatized children and their families, the agency has developed specializations in areas such as attachment issues, sexual reactivity, anti-social and violent behavior and treating severe trauma.  All programs are guided by the agency philosophy to treat the intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of the child – thus treating the whole person.

Dr. Ziegler has authored five books; Raising Children Who Refuse to be Raised, Traumatic Experience and the Brain, Achieving Success with Impossible Children, Beyond Healing: The Path to Personal Contentment After Trauma, and his newest book Neurological Reparative Therapy: A Roadmap to Healing, Resiliency and Well-Being.  In addition, Dr. Ziegler speaks throughout the country as well as internationally to parents and professionals.  He has also had numerous professional articles published.  Dr. Ziegler has been a psychologist, therapist, and foster parent to hundreds of the most challenging children for more than thirty years.  His methods have helped these children–and their parents, teachers, and caregivers–to get back on the right track.  He has done what many therapists don’t know how to do:  help to raise troubled youths, who are the exceptions to all the usual rules, into healthy, successful human beings.

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